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The No. 1 Wedding Trend to Expect in 2017

November 11, 2016

The new year is right around the corner, and if you’re getting married in 2017, it’s likely your wedding planning is well underway. There are many trends that wedding planners predict will pop up next year, but one in particular is still as strong as ever: vintage.

There’s something romantic about adding objects and heirlooms that have stood the test of time for decades — even hundreds of years! The venue is one of the most important components of your special day because it’s one of the things guests always remember about a wedding.

Need some inspiration on creating the perfect vintage wedding? Here are a few stylish ideas set in the Tip Top Tap, Warwick Allerton Chicago’s exclusive wedding banquet hall.

Vintage Candlesticks

A simple way to give your wedding an elevated vintage vibe is through an assortment of well-placed candles and candlesticks. Focus on height to accentuate the room’s lofty 25’ ceilings, giving your wedding scene a hauntingly beautiful effect. This decor options works for any budget, as candlesticks can be thrifted and painted, purchased as is or provided by a florist or wedding planner.

Breathtaking Canopies

The traditional wedding altar is making a comeback. Using canopies to frame the happy couple in gorgeous linens reflects the classic elegance of the occasion while giving it a unique twist. Hang them from an original antique 1920s chandelier to create a floating alter in the center of the room. That’s where all eyes will remain until after “I do.”

Old World Photo Opps

Weddings of the past rarely featured photo shoots at different locations — they stuck to the venue. Use the entire venue for inspired photographs that are both timeless and full of character. From side-building fireplaces, to antique furniture scattered throughout the venue, and floor-to-ceiling views of the city, couples can plan a wedding photo shoot of their dreams.