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A Visitor’s Guide to Planning a Chicago Wedding

April 4, 2016

Planning a Chicago wedding from afar can post challenges for even the most Windy City-savvy couples. While enticing skyline photo-ops and classic city fare can add to allure, there are some unique opportunities and hidden pitfalls to keep in mind. Fortunately, Warwick Allerton Hotel Chicago’s resident wedding planner, Beau Buttacavoli, has put together some tips for the big day:  

Go Beyond Popcorn & Deep Dish
Chicago is known for these culinary staples, but it is also a city with a huge local and artisan food and beverage movement. Distilleries, microbreweries and boutique bakeries dominate the scene. Give guests an authentic taste of what the city has to offer by scouting these local vendors and incorporating their offerings into welcome baskets, gifts and tours for those in attendance.  

You don't get much more unique than a photo under the Tip Top Tap sign!

You don’t get much more unique than a photo under the Tip Top Tap sign!

Don’t Limit Photo Locations to Downtown
There is no denying the the cityscape creates iconic imagery. However, each neighborhood in the city offers a unique visual experience. From elevated walkways like The 606 to local walls of graffiti, the city has more to offer than just skyline views and “L” tracks.

Tackle Traffic
Chicago’s traffic is as unpredictable as its weather. Aside from building in additional time for guests to navigate their way between venues, take advantage of the alternative modes of transportation. A young adventurous wedding party can hop on Divvys and add to the experience of the day. Trolleys are a classic option as well but take it up a notch by taking over a car on Chicago’s “L” to create a party train.  

Prepare for All Weather Scenarios
The city is known for it’s completely unpredictable weather — think 50 degrees in August or a snowstorm in April — so having a contingency plan for your dream outdoor ceremony is crucial. If you don’t like to have unknowns hanging over your day, consider taking the party indoors for the reception and have the best of both worlds.