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5 Dark Flower Options for Your Wedding Bouquet

January 1, 2017

Pinks and pastels usually take centerstage for wedding bouquets, but recently we have seen risk-taking couples going a different route with warmer, darker hues for flower arrangements. More and more brides-to-be are catching on, and so far, this trend has not disappointed. With so many options, it’s certain that you will find something that matches your taste. Here are a few dark flower alternatives we recommend.

Calla Lilies

The calla lily is one of the most traditional wedding flowers, but usually come in white or a subtle shade of color. Dark purple calla lilies look incredible by themselves or paired with dark roses or dahlias.


It’s no surprise that ranunculus is a favorite for wedding bouquets. The flower’s dark hues and layers of delicate flowers pair well with just about any other bloom. A dark-colored ranunculus is a great way to add an exoctic element to your wedding.


Dark red dahlias make a great addition to a lighter-colored bouquet. The bold red petals provide a beautiful contrast to cream roses and peonies.


While certain flowers with deeper hues can be hard to find, deep red peonies are available at most floral shops. (It’s just not as common of a flower because couples usually choose pink or white when picking peonies.) Pair them with white wildflowers for a simple, elegant arrangement.


Stay in the family when it comes to a bouquet with anemones. Dark purple or black anemones are best paired with white. They have a very distinct design and adding different flowers will overwhelm the arrangement.