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Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Wedding Planning

February 2, 2017

To share or not to share? While it’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the excitement when planning a wedding, be careful to not go overboard with what you post on social media. Here are seven social media etiquette tips to help you in your journey to the big day.

Do: Call Friends And Family Before Posting Your Engagement on Social Media

No matter how excited you are to share ring selfies, take time to call family and personally tell them about your engagement before you post on social media. Don’t let your best friend find out through Facebook. A phone call is the most respectful way to break the news if you can’t do so in person.

Once you’ve shared your announcement, take a clear picture of your new bling and post it for friends to see. Be sure to restrain yourself from sharing shots of it from every possible angle. A single picture makes a bigger impact.

Don’t: Invite People to the Wedding Over Social

There is a place for social media in wedding planning, and it does not include inviting guests. Mailing physical invitations seems archaic thanks to the convenience of digital media, but for weddings, it’s necessary. This rule also applies for asking people to be in your wedding party. You should ask them in person because it helps show how much they mean to you.

RSVPing online is another story. Websites such as WeddingWire offer this option to keep track of which guests can and cannot attend. This is a great tool for organizing invitation replies in a single, convenient place.

Do: Create a Personalized Hashtag

Many of your guests will be posting pictures and videos from your big day. Ensure you can find these precious memories later by using a personal hashtag. Consider a hashtag generator like WeddingMix or WeddingWire if you’re having trouble finding the right one for your wedding.

Once you’ve perfected your wedding hashtag, decide where you will promote it at your venue. Place small cards at each table setting to personally inform each guest, and add more prominent signs near the bar and DJ to remind everyone throughout the night.

Don’t: Overshare Wedding Details

Resist the urge to flood your friends’ newsfeeds with documentation of your entire wedding planning experience. Stick to posting about major milestones, such as your engagement party and bridal shower. People want to hear about your wedding but not on a daily basis. This is also courteous towards those who you don’t end up inviting.

Do: Consider a Wedding Website

It may be easier to prevent oversharing on social if you have another outlet for wedding details. Create a website to host directions for guests, venue details and other wedding updates. As your wedding draws closer, this may be the place to share your wedding day itinerary.  

Don’t: Link to Your Bridal Registry

While this may seem like a convenient way to let your guests know where you’ve registered, it is generally considered impolite. If a guest asks about the registry, privately provide the information to them. Otherwise, refrain from public comments about gifts.

Do: Be Inspired

Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are great for ideas. Whether you have nearly the whole wedding mapped out in your head or absolutely no idea where to start, these channels are sure to inspire. Create a Pinterest dream wedding board, but think of it more as a brainstorming outlet than anything else. You’ll want guests to be surprised when they walk through those venue doors.

Now it’s time to get put that inspiration to work – but where to start? Finding the perfect wedding venue is an essential planning decision that sets the tone for the rest of the celebration.